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The dates is a natural health food with full of the nourishment deliciously. There are many kinds of dates. We send one of the highest-level dates; Mazafati from BAM in a state non-dry by the fruit which ripened fully.

Please order by e-mail.

Up healthy in a delicious date!

Raw materials: Dates of
Mazafati Kind from Bam Iran(fresh type)
No preservatives and  additivesl. Please save it with a refrigerator.
Country of origin: IRAN
Weight: 1 Package:600g±3%
Contains 48 to 60pcs.
*It is depending on size of dates.
Price: 1 Package : JPY1,800 (Without Tax)
Order for over 5 Packages : JPY1,620 for 1 package (Without Tax)
Postage: JPY 1,080
But JPY1,296 for Hokaido, Shikoku and Kyushu.
Please contact for Okinawa.
*The product is shipped under cooling shipping.
(^-^)  There is the limit, but a bulk buying is beneficial because it is the same rate even if the number becomes the plural number.
Order: Place your order through e-mail.
Paying method.

A. Wire transfer
※ Please bear the transfer fee

B. Paypal
※ Send a bill by an email via Square.

C. Credit card
※ Send a bill by an email via Paypal.

D. Collect on delivery
※ A collect on delivery fee is necessary

※ Please do not forget amount, a means of payment, a destination, a phone number in your order.

Attention: The date palm harvests the fruit which ripened fully and encases it promptly. Because the fruit which ripened fully is included in the thing losing a shape, approve it.
There is the case that a white lump attaches to the surface. Sugar and a mineral were crystallized into this. Because there is no problem, please have it in peace.

Nutritious health food ; Dates

Nutritious health food ; Dates

Additive-free natural foods

Additive-free natural foods

Refined sweetness, everyday staples

Sweetness & low calorie of nature